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Name:My fault, my own fault, my most grievous fault.
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:A place to ask forgiveness.
This is a place to ask forgiveness. It's that simple. Big stuff, little stuff, doesn't matter.

Have you wronged someone? Did you strike out in anger? Did you say things in the heat of the moment which you now regret? This is a place to ask their forgiveness. Asking forgiveness in public can be a much more powerful gesture than doing so in private- it conveys how important the relationship is to you.

How to use this community:
1. Post a letter of apology. You can't post anonymously, obviously- this is a place for public apology. Your letter must contain who it's written to, and it must be to someone or a group of people who can respond online without using their real name- but it can be to a member of DW, LJ, IJ, JF, or another blogging forum.
2. Get a link to that post to the person who you want to apologize to. That's up to you.
3. The person may respond to you in comments, or through a private message, or email- whatever. See rules below.
4. Don't subscribe. No, really. There's no point, when you think about it. If someone wants to apologize to you, they'll make sure you get the link, and if not, why read?

1. All letters must be serious. Folks, there are plenty of places for political satire and the like. Don't "apologize" to President Bush here. This is a place for healing broken relationships.
2. Only the original poster and the person/people they're apologizing to may comment on that post. Only them. Really. If the apology is to a community, only current members of that comm may respond- not past members who no longer appear on the comm profile. Other comments will be screened and the mod will take private vengeance. If it gets abused on a regular basis, the mod will most likely just set comments to "moderated" and then never approve them.
3. No outing people, don't include information in the apology that could lead to folks figuring out that person's real-life ID- even if that person includes their real name in their own profile. They might take that down some time from now, and it would remain in your letter.

You don't have to be a member to post or to comment.

The description for the community- My fault, my own fault, my most grievous fault- is taken from the Ash Wednesday liturgy from the Christian tradition, but this is not a religious community. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Please use this community as it is meant- a way to heal broken relationships with online friends. The usual measures for success of a community- subscribers, regular posts- won't really work for this one. Thank you.

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